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"Getting back to biking to the hives!"

ABC Bees

Eliese Watson

Calgary Disc Golf Club

Danny, Course Creator

Common Digs is a socially conscious, heart-led company made up of a team of believers, thinkers and do-ers dedicated to connecting people  to nature through hands-on experiences.

Common Digs

Lisa Menzies

We enjoy collaborating with other growers, supporting Highfield in the development of the site, and we value contributing to Highfield's educational initiatives whenever possible.


Liz Murray

Experience Metis

Kalyn and Amy

It’s better to work together on common goals so we bring resources through money and volunteers.

Hands-On Growing

Joshua Hebb

Highfield Farm

Jeremy Zoller, friend of Richard Green

"There is more under our feet than we can possibly imagine!"

Living Soil Solutions

Mike Dorion

"We look forward to working with this group of passionate farmers to provide a space where we can support a community with locally grown food right in the heart of the city. We will aspire to keep your hearts, minds and bellies full."

The Basil Ranch

Vicky Lee

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