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ABC Bees

On-site hives and beekeeping education.

We keep hives on site, as well as offer beekeeping field days, training and apprenticeships.

Community Benefit

Our partnership with ABC Bees means our garden is never short on pollinators! The honey bees can often be found in our garden and around the site. In addition to supporting the gardens, we can offer collaborative workshops and learning opportunities about bees and beekeeping.

Visiting Details

During the summer months when the bees are active, you can see them in the garden pollinating and drinking from the irrigation system. If you want a tour of the hives, please contact ABC Bees directly.

ABC Bees

ABC Bees is an apiary and beekeeper training company located in the beautiful foothills of central Alberta. We started with a simple goal, to share our passion for beekeeping with other burgeoning beekeepers, and we have blossomed into a buzzing and thriving beekeeper training company. Since we began in 2010, our apiary is treatment-free, which means we never use pesticides or antibiotics in our management. This allows us to raise strong queen stocks for our region and produce the cleanest honey on the market. Our apiary is a small operation, running less than 100 colonies every year. This lets me focus on quality bee genetics with specific management strategies that encourage thriving and healthy colonies.

In our northern location, queen production is later than what can be produced in warmer climates. Even with these limitations, we can produce 4 rounds of queens, dozens of early and late season splits, all the while, maintaining a self-sufficient operation.

Beekeep your best with ABC Bees. Through our world-class beekeeping educational courses, incredible collaborative community, and our combined desire for mastery, ABC Bees will guide you through it all. All you need to know to keep your hive healthy and thriving, to strategies to connect and grow with your bees. We have expert instructors and a hands-on approach, so you will gain practical knowledge and skills that you can use every day.

Don’t wait any longer. Sign up today and beekeep your best with ABC Bees.


"Getting back to biking to the hives!"

Eliese Watson
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