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Calgary Disc Golf Club

A technical, tonal disc golf course within a peaceful forested setting.

The Disc Golf Course at Highfield Farm is located within the Richard Green Memorial Forest. This temporary disc golf course is tonal - made up of posts and decommissioned fire extinguishers, the goal is to hit the extinguisher with the disc and hear it "bong!" to score. This course has 9 holes and is highly technical given the forest setting.

Community Benefit

Our collaboration with Calgary Disc Golf Club allows us to activate the forest space in a low impact and unique way, offering more options for our members while they are on-site, and appealing to a different group of people that may not otherwise get exposed to urban agriculture.

Visiting Details

The Disc Golf Course at Highfield Farm requires a Dragonfly Membership to play. Course hours are evenings and weekends. Parking is available along Highfield Crescent.

Calgary Disc Golf Club

The Calgary Disc Golf Club was founded in 2010 to help grow the sport in Calgary and area. Since that time, the CDGC has seen the sport grow rapidly as we have successfully installed a number of new courses in Calgary.


Danny, Course Creator
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