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Naturalization Field Trial Plots for the benefit of native pollinators.

Seed trials have been set up to assess the viability and suitability of the plant species chosen by the City of Calgary for the Roadside Naturalization Pilot Project located along 16th ave NE. Earthmaster was awarded the contract to install the seed mixtures in the roadside corridor and to assess the growth and survival of the plants once germinated.

Each plot at the Highfield trial site represents a single species of flower or grass planted at the City site, with the exception of a couple which contain a mixture of native grass species. Each plot is being tested under a variety of conditions, such as minimal watering, or effectiveness of an additional liquid biological amendment such as worm castings.

Community Benefit

Our collaboration with Earthmaster goes beyond the land revitalization trials occurring on-site. They also support the project with soil sampling of the site.

Visiting Details

The seed trials site can be viewed during farm hours, but for further details or a more in depth tour of this space, please email


Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc. is a professional environmental consulting firm that provides unparalleled expertise, value and service to the commercial/industrial and upstream oil and gas industry in western Canada. We deliver innovative and practical strategies to help clients address complex environmental challenges.

Earthmaster was founded in 1998 and over the years our business has steadily grown. Today, we have over 35 employees and offer a full range of environmental services.

We view each client as a partner. We work hard to understand their unique and ever changing environmental challenges in order to formulate effective solutions. Our long-term relationships have been built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. These relationships are sustained through an abundance of practical know-how, technical expertise, prompt and effective communication, and on-time delivery of the highest quality work at a fair price.

Our talented team of environmental consultants consists of professional agrologists, biologists, chemists, ecologists, engineers, soil scientists, plant scientists, and foresters. Their dedication, hard work and expertise are key to our success.


We enjoy collaborating with other growers, supporting Highfield in the development of the site, and we value contributing to Highfield's educational initiatives whenever possible.

Liz Murray
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