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Our Clubs

Clubs are created around certain projects or aspects of the farm project in which people wish to be engaged. Clubs are a great way to meet folks with similar interests, learn new skills, gain a deeper understanding in a certain area of the farm, and contribute to the development of the farm in a meaningful and reciprocal way.

Clubs are intended to be self-organizing, and empower members to engage, learn and share together!

Clubs each create their own little micro-climate within the larger farm project...

  • Clubs each have their own forum on our website. This allows for members to communicate, share resources and photos, and provide updates on cancellations or additional opportunities.

  • Clubs each have a regularly scheduled 'Drop-in Day'. This is the meeting time for members to gather, discuss, plan and work together. If you are new to the club- start by coming to one of these Drop-in Days!

  • Some Clubs, or keen members, may choose to meet more frequently - this is up to the club members themselves!

  • Each club has at least one 'Champion' who acts as the leader for communications and liaison to the Operations Team at Highfield Farm.

Each Club has a dedicated online forum, where you can keep up with meeting plans and club updates!

Must be logged in as a member on to access Club forums.

garden club4.jpg

Garden Club

Be a part of the crew that maintains the market garden at Highfield Farm. Support the care of 1/8th of an acre of garden space where we grow veggies for our volunteers, and food access programming in Calgary.


Check the Club's Group for current meeting times and updates.

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Greenhouse Club

Support the growing of greenhouse crops, seedlings, and explore different projects in the greenhouse setting.

No official meeting times, keep up to date on meeting plans through the Club's Group!

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Compost Club

Welcome to the HOTTEST club in town!

Make a compost pile and learn about the science behind the composting process.


Current Meet-up Times:

Tuesdays 5-7 pm

Keep up to date on the Club's Group.

Art Club Header

Art Club

Are you an artist or just want to explore your creative side? Join our Art Club at the farm! All skill levels and kids welcome. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and bring your creativity!


Keep up to date on future projects here.

Handy Work Club Header

Handy Work Club

Join our Handy Work Club to fix, build, and maintain at the farm! Help Vern with tasks like fence maintenance, sanding chairs, and repairing garden beds. Perfect for those who love working with their hands. Tools and supplies provided.

Keep up to date on current projects here.

Ready to join a Club?
Become a member, and access clubs here.

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