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Living Soil Solutions

Microbial rich, high-quality bulk products for your gardening and landscaping needs.

The Garden Support Yard at Highfield Farm is a place for you to purchase high-quality bulk products for your garden and landscaping projects. With a focus on soil health, all of our products provide the best in microbiology for your gardens.

Community Benefit

Our collaboration with Living Soil Solutions, allows us to offer trusted, high-quality products backed by their extensive knowledge and experience in creating and feeding healthy soils.

Visiting Details

The Garden Support Yard is by appointment only. Orders can be made using the "Learn More" link below.

Living Soil Solutions

Living Soil Solutions inoculates diverse microbiology back into the soil food web, to improve soil health, nutrition and quality. By using biologically active compost and vermicompost, we are able to put diverse microbiology back into the soil food web, and bring a state of natural balance to your backyard or back forty.

Living Soil Solutions educates about the biological properties of soil and provides a high level of customer service by using ethical products that help restore the relationship between soil and plant.


"There is more under our feet than we can possibly imagine!"

Mike Dorion
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