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Highfield Farm is an urban community farm hub. By becoming a member, you are contributing to a localized food system where the success of our operations and the health of our environment is a direct reflection of the strength of our community.

Become a Member

Become a part of our growing community! Register as a member to volunteer, participate in our programming, or collaborate with us. 

By registering as a member, you are expected to adhere to our policies and procedures, and you will be added to our volunteer list and newsletter. 

Grower Members

Our Grower Members activate our space, engage with our community and contribute substantially to our Community Benefit Plan:

Vicky Lee

"We look forward to working with this group of passionate farmers to provide a space where we can support a community with locally grown food right in the heart of the city. We will aspire to keep your hearts, minds and bellies full."

Amber Yano

“Having a designated yard among other farmers feels like the sense of community that has been lacking from my home business. I’m so excited to raise bees in another urban ecosystem, engage in community events to meet like-minded individuals and have the autonomy to operate the bones of my operation on my own schedule. The most valuable asset gained will be the ‘hive-mind’ of other hard working individuals. Thanks for taking me in, HRF!”


Membership for individuals who would like to be part of the community, and get their hands dirty from time to time! This is our basic membership which allows you access to the farm and discounts on programming, events and products.

50$/yr indv OR $100/yr household
(up to 4 individuals in same household)

Membership for folx looking for full-farm access. This is our level-up membership that allows you access to the farm with some great benefits:
● Free compost tea
● Priority access to Urban Farming program
● 1xfree workshops a year of your choice (+discounts on additional events)
● Free access for 2 to 1x event a year of your choice (+discounts on additional events)

Cost based on needs analysis

Membership for farmers looking to *scale-up* and be part of a collaborative urban agriculture model. This membership is specifically tailored to your needs, and eligibility is dependent on your capacity to contribute substantially to our community benefit plan. Please complete contact form to begin the application process. Membership may include but is not limited to:
● Segments of scraped and mulched growing space and limited associated infrastructure 
● Preferred rates on soil, amendments and compost teas
● Collaboration opportunities for programming


Membership for restaurants looking to grow their own products and be involved in a healthy, connected food community.
● row of growing space to grow your choice of crops
● maintained by you with the support of our team
● share harvest with your restaurant and our donation program
● free compost tea
● website recognition


Membership for companies/groups/organizations that want to have a positive impact on food access in our community. Includes:
● A signed sponsored row of produce grown entirely for donation to food access improvement in Calgary
● Bulk pricing options for ticketed events and workshops
● Recognition on our website


Membership for companies/groups/organizations that want to be actively involved in a healthy local food system. This membership features large group access to the farm and your own shared growing space. Includes:

● A signed, sponsored row of growing space with an associated tailored certified co-farmer program to engage and educate your employees
● Harvest from your growing space will be shared 50/50 with your involved employees, and our food access programming
● Private access to the farm 1*per season for team-building/social event
● Recognition on our website


An active farm takes a lot of resources and support, and we feel very fortunate to be part of a warm and collaborative community. To improve our capacity to meet the growing food access needs of our city, and expand our activity offerings, we are currently seeking support in the form of financial contributions and in-kind donations from organizations who align with our values.

Through our generous partner Parks Foundation Calgary, we are able to offer tax-deductible receipts for all financial donations to our farm. 

Our Donors

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