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Soil Booster Plus

Soil Booster Plus

SKU: 2

Discover the transformative power of our Soil Booster! Perfect for promoting strong roots and enhancing soil health, this product is designed to support vibrant plant growth and improved crop yields.

  • Benefits

    - Strong Roots: Encourages healthy root formation.

    - Boosts Soil Life and Quality: Energizes beneficial soil organisms, enhances soil structure.

    - Water Retention: Prevents water loss in light soils.

    - Accelerates Microbes: Speeds up soil microbial activity.

    - Pesticidal Qualities: Suppresses pests and boosts phosphorus.

    - Enhances Yields: Improves root growth and crop quality.

  • Application

    - Lawns & Gardens: Top dress or sprinkle during planting.

    - Easy to Use: Follow recommended rates.

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