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Hemp Straw Mulch Bales

Hemp Straw Mulch Bales


Discover the advantages of our competitively priced Hemp Straw Bales, the top choice in Calgary. This eco-friendly alternative to regular straw traps air, insulates soil, and retains water exceptionally well, minimizing the need for constant watering. It effectively suppresses weed growth while maintaining soil moisture levels. Ideal for annuals, landscapes, and pathways, this compostable, seed-free, and wind-resistant mulch will elevate your garden.


For even better results with vegetables and plants, consider our dark Aged Hemp Straw Mulch. It delivers nutrients more efficiently, giving your garden the extra boost it needs.

  • Size

    Bales measure at 46 x 39 x 120 cm.

    Pallets include 12 bales.

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