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Compost/Soil Mix

Compost/Soil Mix


Transform your garden with our diverse range of premium composts and garden mixes, available at unbeatable prices:


1. Aged Premium Compost

- Rich in nutrients, perfect for boosting soil fertility and plant growth.


2. Mineral-Rich Compost

- Ideal for perennial beds, contains small stones that enhance soil structure and drainage.


3. Carbon-Rich Compost

- Includes wood chips, great for perennials and gardens, enhances soil carbon content.

4. Garden Mix (Compost/Sandy Loam/Peat Moss)

- Balanced mix for general garden use, improving soil texture and fertility.

5. Inoculated Garden Mix (Compost/Sandy Loam/Peat Moss + Compost Tea)

- Enhanced with compost tea for added microbial benefits, boosting plant health and soil vitality.


Elevate your gardening experience with our high-quality composts and garden mixes. Perfect for all types of gardens, from vegetables to perennials. Order now and give your plants the nourishment they deserve!

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