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Big Blue Wave 0-0-1

Big Blue Wave 0-0-1

C$17.00 Regular Price
C$12.75Sale Price

Disclaimer: This product is expired but has been stored safely and remains unopened.


Derived from remote, unpolluted ocean water, WAVE is a nutrient-dense, low-sodium solution containing over 90 minerals and trace elements. Easily absorbed by plants, it supports enzyme, vitamin, protein, oil, and sugar formation, enhancing soil health and photosynthesis while protecting against fungal infections and pathogens. One teaspoon provides 1500 mg of minerals with minimal sodium content.


Apply as directed for optimal absorption.

  • Additional Info

    Through natural solar evaporation, ocean water is concentrated to 1/100th of its volume, ensuring a fine particle size for optimal absorption in soil, foliar, or hydroponic applications.

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