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Inspire Fest: an intersection of community, creativity and food

The name Inspire says it all: this festival aims to inspire creativity and liberation in all that attend. With 2 stages of sonic creativity, 4 platforms with live performances, fire dancers, rovers, free workshops, child-friendly activities, movement practices and more, this festival guarantees to have something for everyone. Some workshops include a film lab, painting for children, yoga and breath work practices, herbal education/hands-on experiences and more. There will also be live art installations all located at Highfield regenerative farm, a magical oasis in the heart of Calgary. Whether you’re looking for an artistic space to get inspired and create, to have some local craft beers and listen to some aspirational DJs and bands, or you’re looking for a fun way to spend the weekend with your family, INSPIRE Calgary has something for you to enjoy!

Inspire Fest is a celebration of togetherness, and a central gathering intended to strengthen connections and foster collaboration across creative disciplines. Local Alberta builders, doers and makers will bring their big art, performances, and organic food creations to craft a dynamic backdrop to the grassroots homegrown locale of Highfield Regenerative Farm.

The immersive art experience begins the second you enter the Highfield Farm. You can watch visual art such as graffiti or live paintings being created in the moment, or participate in the process yourself. You can take part in the regenerative farming process by working with the plants soil in the brand new greenhouse, or enjoy the calming tranquility of the Wellness Meadow.

Whether from the expressive performances, the farm-style permaculture knowledge, or the giant fire breathing turtle, the entire experience may leave you feeling like you’ve left the city and entered a whole new world.

Find more information about Inspire Fest here:

Apply to be a vendor/volunteer/performer here:

Write-up by Cheyanne Summer - Inspire Fest co-coordinator


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