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A Little Bit About Our Community Supported Agriculture Program

We're now entering the first week of June and that means that we’re less than a month away from our first CSA pickup day! The staff and volunteers here at Highfield feel so lucky to have the opportunity to grow fresh vegetables and engage with our local community. And with our first CSA coming up, we have some exciting features coming up to get you familiar with who is bringing your locally grown produce to you and what to expect every week.

So what exactly is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a farming model that allows the community to support farmers' operations and allows farmers to get a leg up on the growing season. CSA members share the risks and benefits of crop production by providing farmers capital before the growing season starts to ensure farmers are able to cover costs for day-to-day operations. This offers the farmers the ability to accurately plan out their season by knowing how much money they will be making that season. In return, the CSA supporters get fresh, locally grown produce every week. What's wonderful about Community Supported Agriculture, and what we are always striving for here at Highfield Farm, is that it builds on the foundation that this is a community farm. It relies on mutual support that we have, and continue to receive, from our grower members and volunteers which has made our farm’s existence possible.

Why Join Our CSA?

  • Gain access to fresh, pesticide-free produce

  • Get produce that has been grown with sustainability in mind and follows a zero-waste model

  • Get involved in the process of growing your own food

  • Receive produce that’s not readily available in traditional grocery stores