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The Basil Ranch X Highfield Farm

The Gardens

1/4 acre of gardens, 800 hours of volunteer time and 1700lbs of food donated to food access programs in Calgary.

At Highfield Farms we have developed 1/4 acre of gardens for growing a diverse range of products in collaboration with The Basil Ranch. This collaborative model allows us to grow food with our volunteers for donation to food access programs in Calgary, while also accessing unique markets for some of the produce grown on site.

We strive to showcase a number of different growing strategies and like to get creative with our spaces. All produce is grown using regenerative methods.

Community Benefit

The Basil Ranch collaboration allows us to grow a successful garden, run volunteer events in the garden space, offer great collaborative community events and develop garden spaces that we otherwise don't have the capacity to manage on our own.

Visiting Details

Our gardens are open to explore during our farm hours. Please be respectful of the garden and do not pick items or move supplies around.

The Basil Ranch

The Basil Ranch has been providing fresh herbs and produce to restaurants and grocers since 1996! Vicky took over the reigns in 2015 and saw an opportunity to grow the produce we were providing using hydroponics as a solution to food security in our northern climate.

Our indoor hydroponic farm runs year round in the heart of Inglewood, providing fresh greens and mushrooms to local restaurants and grocers. Our goal is to contribute to the city’s food security by using low tech, highly sustainable hydroponic food systems.


"We look forward to working with this group of passionate farmers to provide a space where we can support a community with locally grown food right in the heart of the city. We will aspire to keep your hearts, minds and bellies full."

Vicky Lee
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