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Global TreeGro X Highfield Farm

Tree Trials

Testing technologies to improving the success rates of direct seeding and increase the speed and efficiency at which we can restore forests.

The Tree Trials are actively testing Global TreeGro's technology on different landscapes. They are currently developing a multi-layer module that aims to increase the success rate of direct seeding by providing seeds with an environment that promotes seedling growth and establishment. The trees are being tested under different conditions including minimal water, and the addition of compost teas.

Community Benefit

Our collaboration with Global TreeGro supports our land revitalization goals beyond that of our site. Global TreeGro also supports our forest clean-up efforts, and participates in community events.

Visiting Details

The Tree Trial plot is open during farm hours, but please observe from outside of the testing zone. For a more detailed tour of this space, please contact

Global TreeGro

Global TreeGro was established to commercialize its proprietary reforestation technology designed to address the increasing need for smart forestry solutions. Forests are essential to our everyday living; they provide us clean air and wood. In addition to providing jobs around the globe, forests also offer watershed protection, and prevent soil erosion. Forestry is faced with many challenges, some manmade, others caused by climate change and/or natural disasters. We are seeing devastating fires, insect infestations, and deforestation. Our goal is to be part of the solution that can help plant one trillion trees worldwide.


Our goal is to be part of the solution that can help plant one trillion trees worldwide.

Gwen Webster
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